Almond flour - homemade


You can just as well use almond flour that is bought in the store, it is easier and faster. But it is not particularly cheap. So if you know you are going to bake lots of macarons then it pays to make your almond flour from scratch yourself. With homemade almond flour, you get a deeper almond taste in the macarons, which is absolutely beautiful!

Super easy!

Boil water in a large saucepan.

Have the desired amount of almonds in the boiling water, boil the almonds for 3 minutes.

Pour off the water and rinse the almonds in cold water.

Then the shell has come loose, so all you have to do is pop each almond out of its shell.

Put the finished scalded almonds in a baking try and dry them in hot air 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Or you can let them dry on the kitchen bench, but then they have to dry for 24 hours.

When the almonds are completely dry, you have small amounts of the almonds in a food processor or a powerful blender. After taking all the almonds through the blender once, then take it through again.

FINISHED! Ready to use in the macarons!

Take a night, take a couple of kilos and maje your homemade almond flour!

Stored in an air tight container.